Bellflower California Food

The Crocodile Cafe, which opened last year in the former home of the legendary "Crocodile" restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Chef-owner Laurent Quenioux declined to comment on the closure, but told The Times six weeks ago that he was fed up with high rents in the city center. At the time, the restaurant had tried to persuade the city of West Hollywood to open an inner courtyard, but was turned down because of strict parking regulations. A liquor license comes into effect in August, and is expected to be open for breakfast and lunch.

Crocodile Cafes offer a mix of fresh pasta, pizza and salads, and there are plenty of ex-New Yorkers looking for homemade lasagne and pizza baking.

Amy and Stephen White closed after opening a French restaurant at Nouvelle Vague in Bellflower eight years ago.

They bought Darwin's restaurant in Santa Monica, which closed abruptly in 1988, and planned to turn it into a reasonably large, inexpensive Italian trattoria in Bellflower.

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