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The site, which will open on April 15 and is located at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard, CA, will offer free testing to Los Angeles County residents. Several Open classes completed their first week of practice last week, with some of them making an impressive statement on the scoresheet. The Night of Lights OC opened its doors for the first time last weekend, and we saw it for the first time last Wednesday in a special preview. The site was developed by the California Department of Education and Community Development and the LA County Board of Supervisors, but closed in late March due to a lack of funding.

For LA County residents looking to find a test site near them, NBC 4 has compiled a map of the 19 test sites of COVID. We have more information about on-site parking, including the location of the multi-storey car park, multi-storey car parks and parking for each test site.

It is about 15 miles from Bellflower and access to the beach by the sea is easy, but you will need to drive about an hour and a half to reach Hermosa. It will cross the Los Angeles River and the Santa Monica Mountains as well as the San Gabriel Mountains.

If you like competitive sports, Long Beach regularly hosts major sailing events, including Olympic trials. Swimmers and surfers can use the water all year round, but the big attraction is the small lawn park next to the beach. Surf lessons are available daily for all ages, and you can get in and out of the water here.

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Tori and Kelly did a Christmas ride - in concert so I could try something that was personal. I was born on the same day as my sister, who entered the get-out-of-bed-early-for-free-food-at-the-local-grocery-competition. There may have been a bit of rivalry between the two but I'm glad I didn't have to compete.

Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with the new film, and the son of the late rapper Naijiel Hale is one of them, claiming that his father, who grew up in Bellflower, California, is an "American student - football player." He made an oral commitment to North West School on February 1 and later signed a national memorandum of understanding to seal the deal. He said Hale was a perfect fit for Arizona and that he signed on there in June. That thought proved to be true, and his interest in the Wildcats increased for a while after landing in Arizona.

Nathaniel Hale said Tuesday night that he has committed to the Arizona Wildcats football team. Naijiel Hale played in 14 games as a freshman in Washington and will play elsewhere for the rest of his college career, but he has recently picked Arizona for numerous other scholarship offers. Unfazed, he announced on his Twitter account on Tuesday that his son would attend the University of Arizona in college and begin playing football after the 2014 season. Latoya didn't deserve anything from me, I was in the top five, that's impressive and I'm glad I did it.

He's a very, very competitive young man, he stays on his tracks, he gets his hips moving better in coverage. And he's very good at running.

Scout lists John as 20th - best cornerstone in this year's high school class, and Scout ranks him as 20th best cornerstone. John Bosco won last year's Edison tournament with 16 teams, beating Santa Ana Mater Dei in the final.

The Blue Devils have found their way to the semifinals of last year's Edison tournament, but the Nashville-based corps continues to sweep all 10 meetings in Music City in 2016, most recently holding off Woodstock, Ga. The Corps defeated the Golden Empire in Pasadena last week, while the Bakersfield Corps defeated the Gold in Inadena earlier this month.

Naijiel Hale's attorney Mark Geragos confirmed the cause of death was a heart attack, according to a statement from his office.

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