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The Haunt on Daisy Avenue in Fountain Valley is now listed as one of the ten most haunted places in the state of California. A nightmare, the perfect place for an evening with friends, family and friends of friends and family.

If you want to spend a day with the family in the pumpkin field or if you prefer to spend an evening with friends hunting for the haunted, Bellflower has plenty of exciting autumn activities to enjoy. Look out for that special Halloween karaoke night where freaks are sure to come out and kill it with the microphone at your favorite retro rave.

Abbey's annual Oscar party is one of the hottest in town, so make sure you book your table early for the evening. The venue is not open all night, but before the show you should check the website and check our website for shows on the go.

Best Nightlife recommends that "anyone who is anyone" meets with the club at least once in 2020, so be sure to check the club's schedule. Check the Conga Room website to see if they are open every night except Thursday, but other nights can be open on Fridays and Saturdays for over 21. Some nights are 18 and more while others are 21 and more and so on, and you can check the schedule on their website and on the website of their Facebook page to see if you are playing on any of the nights that are open.

Although San Francisco is not on the state's watch list and the Bay Area generally still fared better than Southern California, authorities are sounding the alarm and this week decided to take over by canceling its planned reopening next week. Further south in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County officials said there will be no bars or restaurants in the foreseeable future until state authorities allow the district to make a decision.

Blink Fitness, which has stores in the following markets: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Clara and San Mateo County. Blink Fitness said it would reopen in accordance with the guidelines, but would not reopen until at least two weeks after the end of the state's watch list. Blink Fitness had markets that followed the markets, and it has markets that followed the markets.

Smog was a major factor in the closure of Blink Fitness in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Clara and San Mateo County, for example. Also within walking distance is Ricci's Italian Deli and Restaurant, which recently opened.

With modern lighting and 150 LED screens, the club offers go-go bar, grill, food trucks, hairdresser's shop and beer garden. It offers live music, live entertainment, yoga, fitness classes and yoga classes, as well as a fitness centre and gym.

The Hollywood residence of Casual Encounters is one to watch, but note that most weeks it is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays. The entertainment includes a mix of live music, yoga, fitness and yoga classes, as well as food trucks and beer gardens. CasualEncounters is set at locations in O.C. Oxnard, see her schedule and her Hollywood residence in Los Angeles for more information.

The lively atmosphere attracts a sophisticated crowd who enjoy Mediterranean appetizers such as lobster rolls, flatbread, duck miracles and more, while enjoying the sophisticated crowd and especially inexpensive cocktails, wine and tapas. The Sing - or Brand Karaoke, hosted by Wade Crescent and Nik Mojo, has a rocky, rosy feel, drawing real rappers and rockers to the lounge, which also hosts live bands and karaoke music most evenings. Best Nightlife recommends this retro club, which offers a diverse mix of live music, shows and upcoming bands, as well as live entertainment. In one of the many bars and restaurants in the area you can enjoy a drink or two and enjoy cocktails, wine or tapas at special prices.

In the past two weeks, San Francisco and Santa Clara County have acted as breeding grounds for the worst outbreak of the disease in the United States in recent years. L.A. County recorded 319 cases per 100,000 residents, and San Jose County, the county's largest city, is now ranked as the second worst city in California, behind Los Angeles County. Cases, deaths, closures and restrictions include cases in San Mateo County and the San Fernando Valley, as well as Santa Cruz and Marin counties. In addition to the deaths and closure restrictions, Los Francisco has reported 92 cases per 100,000 residents so far this year.

Southern California has been hit harder than San Francisco Bay by a wave of coronavirus cases. Southern California authorities have decided to reopen the local economy much faster than those in the Bay Area, but have recently had to backtrack.

L.A. County reopened restaurants for in-person dining on May 29 and allowed bars to reopen on June 19. Santa Clara County has never allowed restaurants to reopen in any area, and when restaurants reopened for indoor use, Los Angeles County officials found that many did not follow safety rules. California could order a stay - at home - earlier, he said, but not for the rest of the state.

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